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I am almost done my first full length novel! I am so excited I should finish by the end of the school year. I hope to have it edited and prepared to go to the Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference this summer. The working title of this story is "Brick Walls." Here is the picture and back cover copy.

Taylor Peterson decided to take off from work for the summer to spend time with her six year old daughter and make up for their past dreadful summers. But when her daughter lands in coma from an accident, she puts a wall in front of her eyes and refuses to see what God could possibly have in store. Blocking the world from view, she pushes away friends. But, with her husband coming home from the air force, she is forced to make a decision.
God has given Jessica Hawkins incredible strength with dealing with an invisible illness that is stealing her breath. She has long sense barricaded her heart against other people in fear of hurting them. She looks forward to her last summer vacation with her family, but her life is shaken when her cousin comes to live with them and Jessica gets a feel of her distasteful demeanor. Her cousin sees the world differently, but could some of what she is telling Jessica be true?
Will Taylor open her eyes? Will Jessica share her heart? Will they ever know if their stories overlap?”  

This project has been greatly influenced by what God has been working on in my life, even though I started this a little less than a year ago. Learn more by reading the Brick Walls Novel Page, which I will hopefully update as things proceed.


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