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Book Review: Jupiter Winds by C. J. Darlington

The Blurb:

In 2160, a teenager becomes the bait to capture her missing revolutionary parents she thinks are long dead.

Grey Alexander has one goal—to keep herself and her younger sister Orinda alive. Not an easy feat living unconnected in the North American Wildlife Preserve, where they survive by smuggling contraband into the Mazdaar government's city zones. If the invisible electric border fence doesn't kill them, a human-like patrol drone could.

When her worst fear comes true, Grey questions everything she thought she knew about life, her missing parents, and God. Could another planet, whose sky swirls with orange vapors and where extinct-on-Earth creatures roam free, hold the key to reuniting her family?

About the Author:

C. J. is the award-winning author of the contemporary novels Thicker than Blood, Bound by Guilt, and Ties that Bind. Her new novel Jupiter Winds is a YA/space adventure/dystopian. She is a regular contributor to various websites. In 2013 C.J. co-…

My Mary Poppins Writing Bag

WARNING: Only writers will understand the importance of this post : )

     Mary Poppins had everything in that bag of hers. She was always prepared and ready for any situation. Believe it or not, I need to feel like I'm ready for anything when I'm writing. 

     A few months ago, I put together this bag of writing supplies. I take it everywhere, even if I know I won't need ninety percent of it. Making this "writing bag" has shown to be just as useful as I thought it would be. 

     I started with a small Thirty One bag. It had lots of compartments on the sides to put stuff in, and it was small enough to fit into my computer backpack. 
Here's what I put in it:
INSIDE My fact manual for my work in progress.      The Go Teen Writer's book for easy reference.      A book of C. S. Lewis' essays on literature (shown in picture)      A 5.5 * 8.5 sketchbook for brainstorming or inspiration      Notecards

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