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It Takes a Lot to Handle Life

This week has been crazy, and I feel terrible about not blogging in forever. I have fifty million posts trapped in my brain, but unfortunately a New Deal essay, Crime and Punishment analysis, and scholarship applications have jumped to the front of the line. In addition to my normal crazy life, I got a sinus infection and played in an indoor soccer tournament. Oh, and my sister comes home from college tonight, and our room is a mess.
     Through this craziness, I have been reminded that no one can handle life on their own. Life is crazy. Life was not meant to be easy. Life certainly doesn't understand when "I'm done."
     Life takes mommy's hugs. Don't tell me you're too old for mommy hugs, you know when you need them.      Life takes cups and cups (I'm talking giant cups) of coffee.      Life takes friends who bring you coffee when you run out.      Life takes naps.      Life takes upbeat, praise music.      Life takes cupcakes.      Life …

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Diving into a Celebratory Cupcakes... or 24 Cupcakes

Break out the extra cup of coffee and the gluten free cupcakes. 
This weekend, I learned that Splickety magazine acquired one of my flash fiction stories. Speculative fiction has only recently become an interest of mine, and I've never been one to write short pieces. I'm excited to see God do something bigger with my fiction, and I hope that he will continue to share my writing for others to read. 
This story was written merely as a challenge for myself. Could I herd all the scatter brain thoughts in my head into one cohesive story? It seems that I have succeeded. 
The magazine issue will come out in April. I'll post here when it's out, but check out the Splickety website to learn more about them. 
Changes like this remind me that God really is in control of everything.
~ Alyson