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When life moves too fast...

The words that don't come.

Filling in Plot Holes

I started my last novel in the beginning of this semester, and this time I am writing a dystopian vs. utopian. A different style of writing was calling my name. Bye, bye, Outline.
    It was going great! Until I got stuck. I knew where I was and I knew where I needed to end up, but I couldn't connect the dots. I just had one big hole in my plot and I couldn't figure it out sitting at my keyboard. So, I got off my laptop and brainstormed. I found a surprisingly helpful way to fill those holes.

Locate the problem: For me, I knew point "A" and I knew point "B," but how to get from one the next was slipping my mind. I started with what I knew.

Athena and Silas needed to escape from Akmal, drawing just enough attention to let the city know that they are on the run. 

Puzzle Pieces: There were all these little things that I wanted to put in, or little events that I knew had to happen. I wrote those down.
Kastra is the main official after them.Ico and Myla will …