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To College Students Headed to Summer

Where do we go from here? The summer is really soon, and life is about to get insane. I don't know where many of your lives are about to head. Some of you might have very detailed plans, and some of you might have no idea what the summer is going to look like. Life may not happen at all like you thought, or life might unfold exactly the way you hoped.

But that's not the point.
The face of your life is going to continually change for the rest of your life. The things that make your life hard today may not be the challenging elements of tomorrow. Seasons are going to change faster and slower than you want, and you might reach a point where freaking out seems to be the only rational action.
But there is a constant in the midst of all the chaos. God's outpouring of grace and steadfast love is continual in our lives. His promises are true, and you can trust in all He is. His goodness and mercy relentlessly pursue you, all your days. Your call to worship transcends the entirety …