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27 Thoughts All Writers Have

This will be a fantastic story.
No one is going to read this.
I have no idea what's going on.
If I write it perfect now, I won't have to edit.
Perfection is impossible, failing is inevitable.
Now this, this is a genius idea.
Has anyone come up with this before?
The movie soundtrack to this scene would be amazing.
I wonder what it's like to feel that?
I'm grossly unqualified to write about life.
These characters are committing mutiny.
I need to have a backup plan if I get rejected again.
I wish more of my friends understood what it's like to be a writer.
It feels so good to have aching fingers from typing.
I will only use Pinterest for inspiration. I will not, in any way, get distracted.
Oo, chocolate cake.
Writing is harder than I thought.
I feel like this is taking too long.
These two characters: I ship them.
Why is one of my minor characters my favorite to write?
Am I the only person who will enjoy this story?
Maybe it's not actually worth it to finish?
I …

10.27.15 A List of my Lately

I've been writing:
Philosophy paper about the ontology of fictional characters.
Politics paper about the cultural shift from a print based world to a visual based world and the implications on public discourse. A speech advocating for domestic adoption. Things I plan to write:
Letter to best friend--we rarely text, and we try to write letters.
WIP rewrite--haven't touched it in a long time, but I'm almost 1,500 words in.
Blog posts--I've got some cool ideas, and I'm going to try to get them written down. Things I've found at goodwill:
Pink pants
Ann Taylor LOFT sweater Jeans that I don't have to roll up! Things I've gotten excited about:
My new skirt from my friend Hannah Everly
Learning how to do aerials in swing dancing The fact that my pet fish is still alive. To be perfectly honest, I expected it to die fairly quickly. Things I've been reading: Peter's speech to the priests in Acts chapter 4. Paul's prayer for the church of Ephes…

Discouragment from Trying to be a Student and a Writer

A couple days ago, I posted on Instagram this photo about some discouragement I've been feeling lately. Over the past few weeks, my time has been consumed by two papers for both my politics and philosophy classes. I had already been struggling to find a balance between my writing and my schoolwork, but lately it's been abnormally hard to set my writing aside over and over again.
     To make things more difficult, my philosophy paper's topic was about the ontology of fictional characters. I spent many, many hours working on an argument for the state of existence of fictional characters. All my time poured into analyzing characters while my own were just sitting on my shelf, waiting to be written. I had to tell them, "No, you have to wait," so many times it hurt. Inspiration seemed to come every time I sat down to write something else. Discouragement increased everyday I didn't get to write.
     Tuesday, I woke up with energy and peace about the rest of …