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Discouragment from Trying to be a Student and a Writer

     A couple days ago, I posted on Instagram this photo about some discouragement I've been feeling lately. Over the past few weeks, my time has been consumed by two papers for both my politics and philosophy classes. I had already been struggling to find a balance between my writing and my schoolwork, but lately it's been abnormally hard to set my writing aside over and over again.

     To make things more difficult, my philosophy paper's topic was about the ontology of fictional characters. I spent many, many hours working on an argument for the state of existence of fictional characters. All my time poured into analyzing characters while my own were just sitting on my shelf, waiting to be written. I had to tell them, "No, you have to wait," so many times it hurt. Inspiration seemed to come every time I sat down to write something else. Discouragement increased everyday I didn't get to write.

     Tuesday, I woke up with energy and peace about the rest of the day. That morning, I had Bible study with a handful of girls from my dorm. There, we sit together and silently and individually study God's word on our own. God seemed to give me peace about my takes for school, as if reminding me that He has me here to learn and that writing can come later.

     Discouragement will come. Writing often gets pushed aside when other things demand our time. I want to encourage you to remember God is still in control, even in the crazy busy times. Even when it seems like you won't get the change to write what you love, God is still sovereign.

     I understand that I'm still at the start of this journey to find a balance between writing and school, but I have the best guidance anyone could ask for.

     ~ Alyson



  1. Great post! I totally needed to hear this today.


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