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Never Stop Learning by Rachel Coker!

"Hi, everyone! This is Rachel Coker here. My lovely friend Alyson asked if she could share this blog entry from my site for all of you to enjoy today. I'm sure a lot of you are in this same stage of life and I hope this serves as an encouragement to keep learning, growing, and trying new things!"

I had a really sobering thought the other day. This is the first August that’s not ending with Back-to-School season for me. Because I’m not going back to school. At least not right now. I’ll be working like crazy–doing everything from writing books to teaching piano to tutoring writing to traveling and doing lots of book signings. But no school. No more history papers, chemistry experiments, or math equations to deal with. No more deep discussions on alliterations and the divine right of kings and America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. School is out. Forever. (Like the Alice Cooper song, ya’ll!)

For some reason, instead of exciting me, that really depressed me.…

Teen Guest: Elizabeth Liberty Lewis

As I told you about a few days ago, Elizabeth is here on my blog today! She writes at Exhortations by Elizabeth.   I answered these same questions on her blog a little while ago. You can read them here. Here she is!

1. What made you decide to attend the conference?

A number of things - partly because it was so specific (I mean, a conference solely for Christian speculative fiction writers? Really?), partly because my friends and my dad urged me to go, partly because I felt it was too big an opportunity to miss.

2. Meet anyone special?

Oh, where do I start? I met Kat Heckenbach, whom I had been friends with on Facebook for a few months and was counting down the days to the conference; I met Grace Bridges, who runs Splashdown Books in New Zealand and has a beautiful accent; I met Kathy Tyers, who wrote the Firebird trilogy and two Star Wars novels and is now my honorary third grandmother; and I met Jeff Gerke, the owner of the publishing house I hope to get to publish my nov…

There's a lot going on today!

First off, today, I turn 16!
This morning, I hit send for the first time, sending my entire book off to an agent for the first time.
I also am guest on Meghan Gorecki's blog! I am talking about creating a writing plan when life gets busy. Check it out on her blog, Every Good Word.
I hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as I did. School is coming on fast, and I am teaching a Creative Writing class to three kids this year as well.

My time at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference

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