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Hi, my name is Alyson. I hated poetry, but now I'm a poet. I was an impatient brainstormer, but now I'm an  author.

The first money I ever made writing I spent on a tea thermos for my “Earl Grey, hot,” and a new Bible.

Splickety Havok was the first to buy my fiction, but my platform has also grown by speaking at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference, visiting classrooms, and guest posting on Go Teen Writers. Realm Makers will be featuring a post of mine in September.

My fiction reflects the reality of life. Whether I write a contemporary novel or a dystopia/utopian mashup, my stories reflect real struggles, real pain, real relationships. If that's all I wrote, my stories would be the most miserable books on the shelves. But, I also write about a real God who provides real forgiveness and real hope in the midst of a hurting, messed up world.     

Currently, I also balance being an author and a student as I study History and Biblical Studies at Cedarville University.

Topics I have spoken about:

ñ          Brainstorming (for elementary students)
ñ          Writing is Building: Intro to Writing Fiction (for elementary and middle school)
ñ          Confidence in God (GPCWC)

Topics I have guest posted about:

ñ          Attending Writer's Conferences as a Teen
ñ          Finding Time to Write in a Crazy Life
ñ          Creating a Encouragement Group: Support for Your Writing (Go Teen Writers)
ñ          Worldbuilding Character Lifestyles (Realm Makers)

Download free resources or purchase some of my Creative Writing curriculum at

Please Contact Me if you would like me to guest on your blog or speak.

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Me speaking at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference.


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