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Guest Posting on Go Teen Writers Today!

Today, I am guest posting on Go Teen Writers about finding an encouragement group of family and friends to support you along your writing journey. To read the 4 Tips for Creating a Writing Encouragement Group, click here.

If you have any thoughts about encouragement groups, feel free to share.

Everyday I will Fight for Family

something gets under my skin.
My siblings  say words I'd rather ignore.
Tasks and work take much longer than they should.
People speak thinking only about them.
But, I will choose to fight for family. ~Alyson

Life Leads Me to Get Close in My Photography

I used to let space complement my subjects when I dabbled in photography.
But life has changed. Ick has gotten in the way of my view. It's become harder to see the blessings when hate and disgust cloud them over.
Life changed. My photography changed.
I get closer. 

When I can't get rid of the annoying background or odd looking object, I zoom in. 
When the distracting things get in the way, I have to get even closer to remember what really matters. Do you choose to zoom in to see the things in your life that truly matter?

Top 5 Books I've Read for School

In honor of Teen Read Week, I'm telling you my top five books that I was made to read for school, was convinced I wouldn't like it, and ended up loving it. School books don't have to be boring and dull. Give them a chance and you might find some you love like I did.

1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame      - The size scared me, but this story really caught my attention. Give is a chance and you might love is as much as I did.
2. Mornings on Horseback      - This was a biography of Teddy Roosevelt by David McCullough. It's packed with so much information about his childhood and upbringing. Instead of focusing on his time as President McCullough focused on what made Teddy the man he was. 
3. To Kill a Mockingbird      -I talked about how much I love this book on my blog before so of course it makes the list. Check out the post  I wrote about To Kill a Mockingbird.
4. The Indian in the Cupboard      -I may be cheating on this one. This was not required reading for school, but it was f…

Equals Enough

+ Visits to my big sister at college + Hotels that offer free coffee + Gluten free granola bars + A job that I love + A biography on C. S. Lewis + Spreadsheets that makes budgeting easy + Peanut Butter
Join me below! ~Alyson