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New Series: Where, Why, Who, How, When

     I write. 
     But, this fact alone (which at this moment is all you really know about me) doesn't tell you a lot about me as a person. The motives behind what I do, how I prioritize my work, who I place at the center: these reveal much more. 

     So let's start with Why do I write?
     Why do a push past writers block? It's easy to stop.
     Why do I spend hours outlining? This is boring. I just want to get to the writing.
     Why do sift through criticism? It hurts, and ice cream doesn't always help.
     Why is my wall covered in sticky notes? I could use my room as an escape from my story instead. 
     Why do my dreams at night put me in my story? Sleep. Yeah, I could take some more sleep. 
     Why do I sacrifice the enjoyment of watching TV shows? I've studied plot so much, it's not fun anymore.
     Why do I search Pinterest for inspiration?I could be... never mind : )
     Anyway, you get the idea. "Writing" is fun, but everything else is debatable. 

     I got to a point where, "Why am I doing this?" came to mind. Is it because I want to be known? Is it because I want to pay for college? Is it because I love writing? 

     The reason why I write ultimately goes back to God. He gave me the ability to form words. He gave me the mind to analyze the world around me. He put obstacles in my life to inspire the conflict in my stories. He showed me that he has control over my life, and now I see the importance of an author.  The creativity was His gift. 
     But the big reason is God changed my life, and if writing a novel about it can impact someone else, then I'll do it. 
      My whole life should be pointing back to God, and if any of the things above come with it, then that's great. But if only one person is impacted by my book and everyone else in the world hates it, that's okay too. I'm not writing for the world, I'm writing for that one person that needs it. 


  1. I love it. You are so talented, and I am blessed to watch you mature into such a Godly young woman.


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