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11.27.15 List of My Lately

I'm sitting here on the oversized leather chair in the corner of my family room. My eyes are closed as I enjoy the noises of being home. Things have changed since I've gone to college, and I don't like change. However, I'm not flustered by the changes I came home to. In a few minutes I need to finish my Philosophy paper so I can watch the second Thin Man movie with my Dad. But I'm going to take some time and write a list of my lately. Things I've done with my family. Baked pumpkin desserts. Went to Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade. Enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner. Decorated for Christmas. Went shopping at the Goodwill Outlet.
Played Rook. Things I wish I was making more time for. Writing Blogging Painting Journaling Reading Sleeping
My main sources of procrastination Sleeping Netflix YouTube My brother, Matthew. Snacking Thinking of a bunch of random stuff.
What I've been watching on Netflix (I'm a college student ; ) Arrow White Collar Star Trek as alw…