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Hallmark destroyed my idea of a "Christmas Miracle" ... and then God did something : )

I've grown up watching Hallmark Christmas movies and enjoying how they made me laugh and cry. As I got older, I began to despise the stories. Predictable, unrealistic, sappy. Lives intertwine right around around Christmas time. Kids repair broken marriages. Letters mend hearts. Timing always works out. "Christmas Miracles" never seemed real or probable because of those movies. 
My foster sister left our home 9 months ago. For the last 6 months she has been almost completely out of touch. I've only seen her once. I never expected to see her again. She was gone. We weren't her home anymore. 
Two weeks ago, I was driving into the parking lot of a funeral. A friend of mine got hit by a car crossing the street after youth group the week before. I was sad, but then all of a sudden, I get a text from my mom. "B is coming here tonight!" 
I was so excited, happy, sad, and confused all at the same time. What was I supposed to feel? What was I supposed to do? Who do …

How to Create a Fact Manual for a Book Series {Peek into My Next Story}

I started my current story, Ideal Lies, last year, and this time, I decided to make it a trilogy. This story is a mix between dystopian and utopian.

Archetypes: Using Writing Tools to the Max

I was putting together my lesson plans for my 4th Grade Creative Writing class and I saw "Archetypes" as the next subject to address. I was so excited!I hadn't used them until my current book, but now I can spend hours studying their fascination. 
Archetypes are a single word that acts as a pattern or model that helps in character development.  They help in creating variety and creativity. Choosing the right ones take time, but trust me it's worth it. Here is why I like them. 
They give you insight on what the character is going to believe--what do they see as the most important thing in life?They give you an idea of what the character might stand up for--what do they value--what matters most--what would they risk there life for?They give you a glimmer of what the character's attitude would be--how to they respond to different situations--what is their view of life--how do they let their emotions show through?     For example, A character with the archetype VILL…

Welcoming Home the Big Sister with a Big Sign

Anticipating the arrival of my big sister, I gathered a bunch of art supplies and little brother.

It's always fun coloring with a two year old.