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My Novella

Giving thanks for extra things

I decided to do a thankful post, figuring that it was appropriate for Thanksgiving. I chose to pick things that started with the letters of my name to be creative. As I was going through my list, I found that my answers, while not all inclusive, were very simple things. They were creative, but not generic. I think back to all the times I have been asked "What are you thankful for?" and my answer was always things like "Food" and "House." People across the globe have these things, even in the poorest of areas, but do they have them to the extent that I do. Not always. I tend to thank God for the big things, but I seem to forget all the extra things he gives me. I forget how in-depth my thanks should really go.


The very first painting I competed with was a watercolor of a rose. I hate it! My mom continues to hang it in our house. I just finished this painting and I love it! I hope to enter it in a couple competitions this coming year. Redemption : ) I hope you guys like it!