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I Don't Feel Like a Senior, But Then, I Do Have "Senior" Pictures

To be honest, I got Senioritis last year, and I was only a Junior. I would much rather be in college right now, studying history and Bible, and writing fiction, and reading C.S.Lewis. However, God has not shifted time, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

    Enjoying school is another thing. There are many things I want to do, but cannot because I'm so busy. I am relying on God to keep me relaxed and flexible, but I wasn't enjoying school at all.

    It wasn't until I got my Senior pictures done that I actually felt like I was a Senior and thought, "This is my last year. It's time to enjoy it."

 How do you balance a busy life and have time for the things you enjoy?


My Current Library Classroom

This school year, I'm taking classes at a private school, online, and homeschool. For now, I'm doing my homeschool at the library a couple blocks from the private school.  It's not a bad change if pace.Where would you do school if you could chose anywhere?

Life as a Writer, Student, Daughter, Sister, and Teacher is Getting Hectic

School has started, work has continued, family is always calling, and writing has been waiting. Life is crazy right now. Lately, I have found myself waking up saying, "God, just help me get through today."

     Everyday I will:
Look for the little blessings.Make someone smile.Say "thank you."Be gracious.Not let upsets ruin my day.Work my best at everything.