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I Don't Feel Like a Senior, But Then, I Do Have "Senior" Pictures

     To be honest, I got Senioritis last year, and I was only a Junior. I would much rather be in college right now, studying history and Bible, and writing fiction, and reading C.S.Lewis. However, God has not shifted time, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

    Enjoying school is another thing. There are many things I want to do, but cannot because I'm so busy. I am relying on God to keep me relaxed and flexible, but I wasn't enjoying school at all.

    It wasn't until I got my Senior pictures done that I actually felt like I was a Senior and thought, "This is my last year. It's time to enjoy it."

 How do you balance a busy life and have time for the things you enjoy?



  1. Woah. This is such a weird feeling. Looking at your pictures, I suddenly feel as if I've gotten to watch you grow up or something (yeah, sounds majorly creeperish, believe me, it's not really...). I remember the first time I got on your blog was maybe two years ago when Stephanie (or Jill?) from GTW was talking about blogs and you and I 'critiqued' each other's blogs. So weird. Anyway, congratulations on being a senior!

    I've been learning a lot about being happy with God's timing, too. Only, for me, I just have to fight the feeling of wanting to go back to when I was ten or so. :) I like the 8th and 10th pictures the best. :)

    1. Wow, that "I like the 8th and 10th pictures the best" sounds awkward. I meant to say, I like all of them, but those two are my favorite. ;)

  2. Aidyl, I'm glad you enjoyed following my crazy, insane, goofy life. haha life's thrown some crazy transitions my way, and it's always neat to be reminded how big our world and how much bigger our God really is : ) Hope all is well.


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