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Printing Your Novel to Edit by Hand

I edit by hand.      Many writers edit great on the computer, I'm just that kind of person. I have always done my best editing, when I edit by hand. And there are many benefits to editing by hand: It's easy to reference material and hold multiple places in the pages.It gives you the freedom of editing without an computer or tablet.Having printed pages allow you to have the full layout of the story in a physical glance. (Sometimes it's hard to get a good idea of where things happen in a computer document.)You can see the progression of edits simultaneously, the change you're making and the previous way it was.It offers a change and sometimes well needed break from the typing aspect of writing.      But with edition by hand also comes the challenge of printing the story.      Printing a novel is never a simple task. I am blessed to have a large printer/copier in my home, but this luxury is not a normal house hold appliance. I have printed a large story three or four…

Every Writer Should Edit in Color

Rarely are you going to find a writer who loves editing, who can't wait until they finish a draft so they can edit, who excites at the sight of a thick red pen marking every flaw.     Red pens have their place, but personally I don't think that editing a novel is their job. The color red on a piece of writing sparks an uncomfortable feeling. Red has the tendency to whisper in our ear, "you messed up."      Editing a story isn't to find all the mistakes for a final grade. Editing is part of crafting a story. Editing should not be a negative. Every story does have flaws and mistakes, but editing is to fix them, not highlight their existence. Editing shouldn't be about the markings on the page, but making the story better.     So don't edit in red.     Edit in colors that make editing a little more enjoyable. Use colors to seperate your school work from your story. Edit with colors that help you focus on improving your story, not picking out all the f…

My Trip to Virginia

My spring break took me on my first solo train adventure to Virginia. There, I stayed with my friend Hannah Everly. You may know her by her absolutely adorable skirts {here} You may also know her sister, Rachel Coker, a YA author that has published two great books with Zondervan.      While I was in Virginia I realized~ ~ Train rides are truly an adventure if you make it one. ~ Not all train stations are as large and grand as the Philadelphia station. ~ I'm blessed to have many stores and places within ten minutes driving. ~ Honking is definitely more prevalent in New Jersey than in Virginia. ~ Chocolate Raspberry Gluten Free cupcakes are so yummy. ~ Ballroom dancing is a ton of fun. ~ Vintage shopping is like walking into a building clothed in stories. ~ I've missed the beauty of spring flowers. ~ I'm bad at making sassy faces for pictures. ~ A life slower paced than mine can be cool from time to time. ~ Friends are the best way to spend a spring break.      This tr…

13 Excuses for Not Writing

Welcome all writers to the world's greatest accumulation of writing excuses. The next time you want to have a reason not to write, just pick an excuse from the following list.     1. I'm tired.
    2. I have too much school work.
    3. The Middle is on Hulu
    4. My tablet is dead, and the charger is upstairs.
    5. No coffee.
    6. Dunkin Donuts is too far away.
    7. Baking cupcakes is just a greater priority.
    8. It's too loud in my head to focus.
    9. No one will want to read what I write right now.
    10. I can write when I feel "inspired."
    11. There are so many things I could have to buy at the grocery store.
    12. If I write crap, I'll waste a lot of time later editing.
    13. If I write something genius, I'll never be able to measure up to myself.      As with all satires this post does have a point. If you want an excuse for something, you will always find one. Sometimes writing has to wait, but most of the time, our excu…