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10 Weird Things Writers Do ... And Are Perfectly Okay

No writer will ever claim to be a normal human being. We process information differently, we observe life differently, and we feel emotions differently. If you're a writer reading this, be encouraged. Yes, you are weird, and there is no avoiding it. But, there are many writers that can relate to a smidgen of what your life is like as a writer. If you are not a writer reading this, be understanding. We know we're weird, and it would be so awesome if you could just nod, smile, and say, "I'm glad you enjoy writing." It's okay to be weird. Personally, I think it's even cooler if you're weird and a writer at the same time. 

1.     We may stare at you without realizing it. Sometimes, we see something that reminds us of characters and zone out for a bit.

2.     We may also stare blankly at flowers or rainbows, also thinking of something entirely different. (this was to counteract the slight creepiness of that first point.)

3.     We may find amusement in odd things. 

4.     We may not tell you all the details about out writing lives just because of the amount of time that would be needed. 

5.     We may appear to be in an extensive text conversation when in reality, we are jotting down notes for out next novel in our Evernote app.

6.     We may view something in life as a story and find some hidden beauty that others can't see.

7.     We may sit in Starbucks and order a hot tea, just so we can get a free refill. 

8.     We may jog through Barnes and Noble opening random books to read their first line to compare to our own or for possible inspiration.

9.     We may be extremely directionally challenged because walking and driving are perfect times to brainstorm ... maybe not the driving part. 

10.We always have more words to say than what comes out of mouth. That's the art of writing. What must me said? What should be thought? What has to be screamed to the world?

Being weird is just a reminder that God created us to think and act in different ways. God made me a writer, and the weird part didn't just tag along. The weird was planned too. 


  1. Yes! Especially #1. Great post!

  2. I stare at people at the time and creep them out xD
    Number 10 is definitely, definitely me :)

    1. Yes, we writers often have more to say then what we speak : )

  3. Oh wow this was awesome! I totally do the staring thing all... the... time.

    Alexa S. Winters

    1. Haha, I'm glad you could relate : )

  4. Awesome post! 3 and 4 are definitely true for me lol!

    Stori Tori's Blog

  5. I can TOTALLY relate to the staring thing...There was one time I was at Starbucks and I kept staring at this one guy...I didn't mean to, but I did...He eventually moved HAHA but anyways. Great post! Totally relate to every single one of these :P

  6. I really relate to # 6 and # 10, but all of these are things that I do. And writing is really fun, even if it makes me weird!

  7. Thank you so much for this! So often I feel as though no one understands me as a writer. Praise God for our uniqueness:)

  8. I have done many of these! Thank you for putting this list together. :)

  9. So very relatable! :) Great post.

  10. I deffinitely agree with number 10. I often think of things to say, and random conversations in my mind, but I never get to say them.

  11. Awesome post! Very relatable. :)

  12. 1, 3, 5, 10 are all me. So much me. It's crazy. Also, listening to conversations without really having anything to contribute.

  13. The craft of writing is a complicated art. Most creative people come off as weird because they use their brain more then their mouth!

  14. The craft of writing is a complicated art. Most creative people come off as weird because they use their brain more then their mouth!

  15. I was once punished by our Kiswahili Language teacher for staring at him..I wasn't.

  16. Thank you for including number nine. I thought I was the only one who blew past my exit while listening to dialog....


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