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Editing: Alyson Style

Step 1: Pull out word document and notes
            Substep 1: Get coffee
Step 2: Start editing from the beginning
Step 3: Get to half way through chapter and get amazing idea
            Substep 3a: Go tell someone about said amazing idea
            Substep 3b: Go back through story intertwining said idea
Step 4: Restart editing and fix all mistakes made while adding idea
Step 5: Go to the bathroom because of the coffee
Step 6: Continue to edit
Step 7: Realize you’re hungry so go find something to eat
            Substep 7: Get distracted on the way back to laptop and don’t make it back for another half an hour
Step 8: Continue to edit
            Substep 8: Contemplate taking a nap, decide against it
Step 9: Take a break and write this blog post
Step 10: Try to edit, but decide you should’ve taken the nap and are now too tired so you stop


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