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Never Stop Learning by Rachel Coker!

"Hi, everyone! This is Rachel Coker here. My lovely friend Alyson asked if she could share this blog entry from my site for all of you to enjoy today. I'm sure a lot of you are in this same stage of life and I hope this serves as an encouragement to keep learning, growing, and trying new things!"

I had a really sobering thought the other day. This is the first August that’s not ending with Back-to-School season for me. Because I’m not going back to school. At least not right now. I’ll be working like crazy–doing everything from writing books to teaching piano to tutoring writing to traveling and doing lots of book signings. But no school. No more history papers, chemistry experiments, or math equations to deal with. No more deep discussions on alliterations and the divine right of kings and America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. School is out. Forever. (Like the Alice Cooper song, ya’ll!)

For some reason, instead of exciting me, that really depressed me. Because I love to learn! It sounds corny, but I really do. And I don’t think I appreciated my love of learning enough when I was actually in school. Sure, there were moments where I would feel a buzz when debating whether or not F. Scott Fitzgerald was referring to the eyes of God in his infamous depiction of the eyes of T.J. Eckelburg. But for the most part, I just wanted to be done with school. Finished with that stage of life. And on to the next thing.

Looking back, I wish I hadn’t rushed it so much. I wish I had taken more time to read over my government assignments. Had put even more thought into the philosophy questions my mom posed at the breakfast table. Had done the extra work and read the extra books and really thrown myself into my studies while I was still learning.

But then I take a step back and realize: I am still learning.

I may not be sitting in a formal classroom (or even sitting in my pjs on the couch with a textbook in my lap), but I’m still learning. I’m always learning.

I’ve talked about this phase of life at least a half dozen times. These awkward years between childhood and adulthood where I’m just trying to figure out what God wants me to do next. And I realize: I’m always learning something new.

I’m learning more about politics, as I speak more with the adults around me and discuss the changes in our world today. My eyes are being opened to more theological issues as I study the Word of God and draw closer to Christ. Finances and taxes are becoming easier every year, as I learn how to keep my bank accounts straight. And I’m constantly learning (through trial and error, mind you) how to run a house and keep things semi-clean. (Okay, maybe I’m still working on that–could take a while. Good thing there aren’t guys lined up around the block for me just yet)

As I grow older, hopefully I will always be soaking up more and more as I grow and learn and change. I’m thankful for friends to talk with, parents to guide me, and the chance to be always discovering new things.

As corny as it sounds, it really is true. The world is a classroom. And I can’t wait to see what tests might lie ahead!



  1. As a fellow girl between highschool and adulthood I'm totally agreeing with your points here! Learning is always happening! :)

  2. Although this is still my senior year of high school I can still relate to the feeling of 'what now'. I love to learn and I guess it is true that you never stop learning!

  3. Neat post! I'm in a gap between highschool and college right now and this was really encouraging for me. :)

    Stori Tori's Blog

  4. There must be alot of us out there having similar thoughts. Fall just isn't the same without the whole "school" thing. I guess it's time to make some new fall traditions!


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