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10.27.15 A List of my Lately

My cousin (center) came to visit my sister and I a few weeks ago.
I've been writing:
Philosophy paper about the ontology of fictional characters.
Politics paper about the cultural shift from a print based world to a visual based world and the implications on public discourse.
A speech advocating for domestic adoption.
Things I plan to write:
Letter to best friend--we rarely text, and we try to write letters.
WIP rewrite--haven't touched it in a long time, but I'm almost 1,500 words in.
Blog posts--I've got some cool ideas, and I'm going to try to get them written down.
Things I've found at goodwill:
Pink pants
Ann Taylor LOFT sweater
Jeans that I don't have to roll up!
Things I've gotten excited about:
My new skirt from my friend Hannah Everly
Learning how to do aerials in swing dancing
The fact that my pet fish is still alive. To be perfectly honest, I expected it to die fairly quickly.
Things I've been reading:
Peter's speech to the priests in Acts chapter 4.
Paul's prayer for the church of Ephesus in Ephesians chapter 1.
What has your lately looked like?
~ Alyson  


  1. Christian, writer, uni/college student...that's where I'm at in life too :) Thankfully though, here in Aus, uni classes are (or nearly) finished, it's just study week and exams to go. Do you live away from home? I do.

    1. Hi, Tesh : ) It's a unique time in life, and God is teaching me a lot. The college I attend/live at is 8 to 9 hours from my home. What are you studying?


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