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My Mary Poppins Writing Bag

     WARNING: Only writers will understand the importance of this post : )

     Mary Poppins had everything in that bag of hers. She was always prepared and ready for any situation. Believe it or not, I need to feel like I'm ready for anything when I'm writing. 

     A few months ago, I put together this bag of writing supplies. I take it everywhere, even if I know I won't need ninety percent of it. Making this "writing bag" has shown to be just as useful as I thought it would be. 

     I started with a small Thirty One bag. It had lots of compartments on the sides to put stuff in, and it was small enough to fit into my computer backpack. 

     Here's what I put in it:

     The Go Teen Writer's book for easy reference.
     A book of C. S. Lewis' essays on literature (shown in picture)
     A 5.5 * 8.5 sketchbook for brainstorming or inspiration

     Four different color large sticky notes
     Four different color small sticky notes
     This goes everywhere I go to write: upstairs, downstairs, Barnes and Noble.

     Do you have something you hold all your writing supplies in? What would you put in your Mary Poppins bag?


  1. I often carry a backpack containing diapers and wipes.


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