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What God Has Done Cannot Be Contained to One Post

It's been awhile, hasn't it. I'm sorry. It was never my intention to take so long to put into physical words the lessons that God has taught me this summer. I've struggled to come up with some original expression of how I've processed what I've learned. I recently reread what I wrote in my journal on the 8th of August:

So many amazing things have happened this summer and I want to share with others the might works of God. I have no idea where to start. Right now, I'm mostly overwhelmed by all the lessons God has taught me and [the] ways He's worked in kid's lives. I also miss my campers a lot. I miss their laughter, their jokes, their friendships. They made me smile.

I could talk about how my expectations or fears were either fulfilled or not. Every week was a surprise of some kind. I could talk about how amazing it was to lead three girls to God's salvation. I could talk about the struggle of [one of my campers] and her hate towards me. I could speak of how I learned how to truly spend myself for my kids. God taught me patience, how to earnestly care for souls, strength in the midst of pain, to be filled with grace, to lead with godliness. I could discuss all those things…

No matter what I say, I want someone to be encouraged by who God is, all He says, and all He does.

I'm not sure why I tried for so long to have all my thoughts in a nice little package before showing them to you. God is going to be pulling lessons from this summer for years and years, and I'm not sure why I thought I should try to have everything sorted out before showing you some proof that He is awesome.

I witnessed God change lives this summer. That's amazing.

Kids came to camp where God changed their hearts and chipped away at some of their lives. My life is no longer the same because of what I witnessed those nine weeks on that island. If you should know anything, know that the Alyson Schroll that went to be a camp counselor in June is no longer the same person that she is now. God used camp to change me, and it took me way longer than it should have to simply admit that. And, I'm sure it will take even longer for me to figure out exactly how I'm different, but I'm looking forward to the adventure that God has ahead.



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