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Things You Must Know if You Want to Be a Writer

So, you want to be a writer. Good. There are so many stories in the world and in the minds of many that need to be told. Know that being a writer is like having a superpower. You have the power to build worlds and create characters that live lives that inspire and encourage others. This power can also destroy people too, you know, so use your ability wisely. Because of your power, you'll probably feel a weighty responsibility, a form of guilt to write. After all, they are your stories, and if you don't write them, who will?

Know that you can't make everyone happy. Not everyone will love your story as much as you, and some will reject your work, outright, if you desire to seek publication. By aspiring to be a published author, you will have to give others the power to hurt you.

Know that to write certain events, you will have to think through what it's like to feel certain emotions. Perhaps, you'll have to remember events that you don't want to, feel things you never wanted to feel again. But, you'll have to do it because it's necessary for a great story. Don't listen to anyone who says that will be easy or enjoyable.

Know that you'll be a little lonely. No one will be there to cheer you on when you write a really good sentence or come up with a really good plot idea. You'll be on your own, celebrating those little victories.

Know that you will have bad days.

Know that not every story will become a great book.

Know that you will have to spend hours bettering your craft.

But I write all this to show a point I made at the beginning of this post. Words have power. And, I've used this power to be honest, but my honesty has probably caused you to question whether or not being a writer is worth it. Know that it is.

Know that even if one person is encouraged by your tale, your words would be worth it.

Know that finishing a story brings incredible joy.

Know that creating characters that you yourself fall in love with is one of the most exciting things you could do.

Know that finding a community of writers who will encourage you is possible.

Know that being a writer is hard, but beautiful.

~ Alyson


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