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Lessons Learned at College: A Matter of Pride

Frankly, I don't deserve the awesome experiences I've had over the past school year. I didn't deserve to have such an awesome group of friends and a great relationship with a handful of guys from my brother hall. So many moments made me smile, and I'm overwhelmed by God's grace to give me such an amazing first year.

Looking back at pictures, I'm reminded that God blessed with me friendships and experiences when I stopped trying to "make things work."

My first semester was really good, but I'll admit to trying to hold too tightly the plans for my own life. Even still, I enjoyed my first semester. But I loved my second semester, and God blessed me abundantly. The second was very different from the first. I didn't stop caring about having cool experiences or having good friends, but I chose to care first about my love for God. It sounds so simple, to fall in love with Jesus before falling in love with being a college student. But, trust me, it changes everything.

Getting a job at the Creation Museum was all God. He worked out the details, and He made it possible.

I don't remember meeting Lauren and thinking, "I have to be friends with this person." Honestly, I don't remember when our friendship really started. God inarguably gets the credit here.

Finding joy in brand new things like volunteering at a book warehouse, painting the rock on campus, painting on days when I didn't really have time to, attending a conference in Louisville, learning Greek and Hebrew, and rock climbing every week: these things I thank God for.

When I got home, I remember telling my parents, "I like it when God makes it easy to brag about Him." At the time, I was referring to my employment in Kentucky.  But as I've been thinking through this summary blog post of all my experiences, I've realized that God makes it easy to brag about Him all the time. The dichotomy between what I deserve and what God has given me anyway, is so drastic that I should be overwhelmed by the gift of my very breath. And, I guess, that's ultimately what I learned this year. I learned that I have a pride issue, and that God calls me to be humble about everything I receive by grace.

Moving forward to the next adventure, which will be camp in a few weeks, I'll keep these lessons close. It is my prayer that God helps me crucify my pride daily and humbly submit to His will.

Thanks for following along with my adventure.
~ Alyson


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