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Disclaimer on Sharing my Poems

     What is poetry? Is it a story written in a rhythmic way or feelings expressed through ink shapes on a page? Is poetry a fire meant to brand an impression or desecrate an trend? Is poetry pure necessary noise the world needs to breath in to transform and survive?

     I write words. These words create lines and rhymes. Sometimes, I talk to you, sometimes I talk to me. And, sometimes I talk to someone, somewhere in the world that I know must exist. At times, emotion ties the sentences together, but sometimes, it doesn't require a feeling to know one must read on. These words sometimes hurt--I didn't do that on purpose. It just happened. In fact, every poem I write "just happens" and none are the same.

     I would like to share my poems with you, but before I do, I must make sure you know what my words are and what they are not.

     My poetry is a process of how I process. The narratives aren't meant to be fables or exhaustive details about reality. The comments aren't meant to be critical. The conclusions are not universal, wise, axioms. The emotional evaluations are not depictions of my personality.  Maybe, I'm observing something in the world, and I want to try to understand it better. Sometimes, I'm experience new feelings, and I don't know how to define them. Other times, I look back and try to remember events or emotions. The result of my processing of these observations and feelings is often a poem.

     So why share my words at all? Well, maybe others have tried to process similar events or emotions. Maybe others have struggled to express how they see the flaws in the world. Perhaps, my poetry isn't only for me to learn from. In fact, God gave me the ability to write poems to begin with. Maybe one other person can be encouraged that they are not the only ones looking at life and trying to process what they see. My hope is that thoughts, new perspectives, ways of looking at the world are risen. My commentary is not an explanation of the poem's meaning, but rather the story behind why it was written to begin with. When I share my words, please enjoy, but please also think.

 ~ Alyson


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