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8 Reasons I Drink Black Coffee

1.     I am a college student

Studying is hard. I have lots to do, late nights to stay awake for, and early mornings to jump to.

2.    I am a poor college student.

Cream gets expensive, ya'll.

3.    I am a college student in Ohio.

It's cold.

4.    I like tasting coffee.

Sometimes the rich flavor gets hidden with all the extra stuff you can add to coffee, and I just enjoy coffee on it's own.

5.    It's faster.

Ordering "just a cup of coffee" saves a lot of time in lines at coffee shops. I don't have to wait in the line of specialty drinks. Not that I visit coffee shops much. (see number 2)

6.    It's more filling.

I don't like lattes because I feel like I’m spending money on air, and I’m not big on that. (Also, see number 2 : )

7.    It simplifies my life.

Right now, the fewer extra things I have to think about, the better. In this case, I don't have to think about buying stuff to go in my coffee. (This one is kind of also related to number 2)

8.    The scent of coffee is not very strong to me.

Weird fact about Aly: I have an impaired sense of smell. That being said, strong coffee to someone probably isn't as strong to me.

So, that's my lighter blog post for today. The truth is, I just really love coffee. I hope you had a laugh. How do you take your coffee? Or tea? I thought about blogging about tea, but it would only be three words, "Earl Grey, hot."

~ Alyson


  1. I'm a coffee addict and there is just something wonderful about black coffee. The smell is the best, I think.


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