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Things To Do

~ Say "Thank you" more

~ Listen to people's stories

~ Act like I've learned

~ Speak more truth and less opinion

~ Obsess more about Jesus' love for me

     As I go through my day, I want to remember that I am not entitled to be served by others and opportunities to serve others is still a gift. I want to shut up and listen because my story is not any more important than someone else's. I make mistakes, I learn, and I move on. But my actions following my flaws need to show that I learned. My experiences and feelings do not dictate what is true about God, but God can use them to reveal truth about Him--I must remember the difference. Every morning, I must awake in the awe that Jesus gave up everything to save me. My days instantly take a step in the wrong direction when I am complacent about His love.
 ~ Alyson


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