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A Writer's Honest Dreams

     As writers who are trying to get somewhere in the publishing industry, we have to develop thick skin. We share our words with the world, knowing we hand them the power to cut our work to devalued pieces. We know that to let our characters and worlds meet a reader's eye, we have to accept the rejection and distaste that will come--because, we all know it will. Sometimes, it feels that for every step we take in the industry, we sacrifice another piece of a dream. After a few miles, all those initial dreams seem like impossible expectations that only make the bitter truth burn more.

     We will always enjoy writing. We are writers. No industry can take that away. But, what if we could enjoy honest dreams once in a while? What if we could dream about the possibilities of our story without being distracted by the improbability? What if every writer could write a list of honest dreams to help remind that they are a writer, that no one can delete the dreams that started the words?

     My honest dreams:

     To write a story that would be loved by all.

     To write a book that changed the world.

     To have every publisher, editor, and agent jump at the chance to represent me.

     To have control over where my story went.

     To have my book displayed in the front shelf at Barnes & Noble.

     To have my book turned into a blockbuster film.

     To have readers dress up like my characters.

     To have readers wish they could join my hero's fight.

     To never have to suffer writer's block.

     To know my characters like I know my own family.

     To be able to write thousands and thousands of words a day without feeling guilty, without struggling, without deleting every other sentence.

     As a writer who knows her ability to write comes from God, I struggle with feeling inadequate. What can I say that could possible be worth reading? My biggest honest dream: to be able to trust, without ever doubting, that God is forever working in my life and through my words.

     What are your honest dreams?

~ Alyson


  1. All of those were bang on really, they are the things I dream about too. This year I'm going to start taking the steps to fulfill them.


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