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Now in the Lull Between Semesters

From now until January 11th, I am home with my family. Philosophy readings questions aren't due at 12:30 today. Speeches aren't waiting to be given, and papers aren't needing to be written. Foreign films in German or Russian aren't on my "To Watch" list anymore.

It's Christmas break, and I have plans.

I plan to enjoy my family and our first Christmas as the "Schrolls."
I plan to visit with friends and probably meet for coffee multiple times.
I plan to go back to work for the few weeks I'm back.
I plan on writing as much as I possibly can in my WIP.
I plan on blogging more.

Everything is different this break. I've never been a college student on break before, and this will by my family's first Christmas together.

Although I'm not at school this month, I have a lot to learn. To learn to be excited for Christmas--a holiday that I had begun to dread. To learn to balance my desire to get lots of writing done with spending time with my family. To learn to remember to persistently seek after God and his involvement in my life.

In a way, this post is an update of what's going on in my life. But, I hope it also can be taken as encouragement. I know that I don't have my life figured out, but I know that my relationship with God will make all the difference.

What are your plans over the Christmas season?

~ Alyson


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