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When Your Family Drives Eight Hours to See You

The glass doors swung open. Anna saw me and sprinted across the sidewalk. Reagan and Sawyer ran after her. Kyle and Maddie walked behind with Matthew, Mom, and Dad.

I tossed my phone onto the grass and held open my arms for Anna's incoming hug. "Aly." She screamed and ran into my embrace. Reagan and Sawyer caught up, gave me a hug, and described everything they had done since they dropped me off at college. Reagan immediately asked if I had brought my fish, Jamie Summers, with me. I told him, "No," that I didn't carry her around campus with me but he could see her later.

After this meeting, we went to the woman's soccer game. I went to work and later belayed so Matthew, Kyle, and Maddie could rock climb in the gym.

Sunday, we went to a community church service in town, and went for a hike through a beautiful gorge. Labor Day was established by a man from Cedarville so the town's celebration is a weekend-long event. So on Monday, we went to the annual pancake breakfast  and parade.

Seeing my family was awesome. They brought smiles, hugs, and stories that I will always value look forward to.

I love where I'm at, and I love my family. God has certainly given me a peace about living eight hours away from home. And, He has also blessed me with a family that is willing to take that trip to come see me and make me smile.
     ~ Alyson 


  1. Sounds like and awesome day! Love the pictures!


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