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The Wonder of a Writer's Place--Wednesday Guest Feature

For the next few Wednesdays, I'm going to be doing a guest writer feature called The Wonder of the Writer's Place. Each week, a teen writer will introduce you to their favorite writing place and why they find this place important to them. I hope you learn and find encouragement in what each one of these writers have to say. Today, I'd like to welcome Andrea Salvador to my blog.


Describe briefly your favorite place to write.

This may sound so boring, but yes, my writing place is my desk. It's a remodeled version of my late grandfather's own desk. And yes, it's really messy. Awhile back, I had Post-It notes pasted around the desk, but I took them off due to their distraction.

            Why do you find this place important to you?

I think I consider it important to me because it's my desk, it's my own place, and it's where my characters and stories come to life.

 How has you writing been impacted by this place?

Well, I've been to quite a few book signings, and I place some of my signed books to look at just for inspiration, Some of my favorite books are up on the desk too. So when I need a break and think, "Ugh, I can't do it," I close my writing program, open a book, and start reading. After my little reading session, I put the book back and tell myself that if one day I want to publish a book of my own, like the awesome book I just read, I have to start working right now.

            Three words only to describe the necessity for all writers to have a writing place.

Stories. Are. Born. As to why: every writing place is where the words come to life.

            More about Andrea:

            If you're looking for someone who is obsessed about organization, book signings, and paranormal YA, Andrea Marie is your go-to girl. After leaving the world of journalism after four years and being named her paper's editor-in-chief because journalism was too 'boring' for her, she now attends a creative writing course in her school, making her crave Mondays. You can read her rambles on Hello I'm A Teen Writer (


            ~ Alyson



    Haha. Thanks so much Alyson for having me here! :)


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