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College: An Aventure, A Tool

I love adventures.

That's why I took a solo train trip to Virginia this past spring.
That's why I love to hike and climb and camp in new places.
That's why I was excited for my family to start fostering.

College is the next big adventure for me. This week is my first full week at Cedarville University. I'm so excited for what God is going to teach me in class and in chapel.

I'm still writing. I have moved onto another WIP that I'm excited to rewrite. Poetry will still happen when I have the words. Fun fact: I added up all my random poems, and I have 15 poems. This blows my mind because I don't have a natural love for poetry.

I'm majoring in History and Biblical Studies, which means I'll be spending a lot of time reading and writing. Not a terrible thing for me to spend my time doing. It's what I love. It's what I feel God calling me to do with my life.

But in the midst of these little bits, I'm moving onto one big stage, one big adventure. It has a name, college. Many people have taken this adventure, but everyone enters and exits differently. I'm entering with my trust fully in who God is and how big his wisdom, comfort, and activeness is in my own life. Simply having the confidence that God exists will shape the next four years--the rest of my life. When I have to make a decision, I can consult the God who foresees the future that I can only make meager human guesses about. When I'm overwhelmed with everything to do, I can be comforted by the fact that God is also "doing" things right alongside me in a greater more important manner than I.

College is not my home, not yet.
College is not a refuge. I know what those are, this isn't it, not yet.
College is not a one-stop guide to a successful, pain-free future.

College is a place for me to grow academically and spiritually.
College is a place for me to learn about a small bit of God's plan for my life.
College is a place for me to practice everything from making friends, to having a job, to being diligent.

College is a tool. College is a place that God will use to teach me lessons I may not even know I need to learn yet. But, I've already begged him to teach me, to wow me. Ever since adoption day, I've had this fear that I'm going to become used to life, used to a big God, used to miracles. I don't ever want to settle for the God that He's chosen to reveal to me in the past few years. I want to learn more, see more, feel more.

College is an adventure, and I can't wait to see what God's going to do in me here.

What adventures is God taking you on? What has He taught you lately?

~ Alyson


  1. I love this. God will answer your plea to make himself real on a regular basis. He has so much planned for you.

  2. Great post! Love it. I just started at Bryan College in TN and I can totally relate!


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