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8.27.15 A List of My Lately

I've finished a full week of classes here at college and my brain still hurts a little from everything I'm supposed to remember. As a person who needs to "do" things to feel productive, these lists help me relaxed and know that I am doing things, different things. I'm enjoying my time and being productive. These lists help me remember that.

New Things I've Tried
Swing dancing. I've done it once before with my friend Hannah Coker. Many of the moves were brand new to me and it was fun to do lifts, dips, and twirls on the floor.
Belaying rock climbing. Last week, I got certified to belay rock climbers, and I look forward to spending more time climbing.

Things I Enjoy About Classes
The discussions in Politics and American Culture
The concepts that stretch your brain in Philosophy
The foreign film I had to watch for Composition and ended up loving
The unity of the students in speech class

What I'm Looking Forward Too
Hiking with my unit on Saturday
Writing in my WIP this weekend

Things I Realized
I have an awesome roommate, who tried to set up a surprise party for my birthday.
Watercolor and pen and ink are really awesome for relaxation.

Random Things I Now Know I Like
The gluten free muffins offered in the cafeteria are amazing.
Sophia Scholl, a German film about WWII

I encourage you to write your own lists of your own lately. Please share with me if you do.

~ Alyson


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