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8.12.15 A List of my Lately

            My life is moving a thousand miles an hour lately, and my brain is thinking in fragments. Today’s post is a list because I’m struggling with full sentences.

Thoughts that have been keeping me awake at night:

            ~ I’m going to college.

            ~ My family will be 8 hours from me.

            ~ I’ve never been so excited for new adventures.

            ~ Wouldn’t it be nice to travel to new places?

            ~ I need to make new friends.

Things I’ve been reading:

            ~ I’ve been trying to read Go Set a Watchmen by Harper Lee in my spare time.

            ~ A Study of History by Toynbee. I found a used copy in an adorable bookstore by where I worked this summer.

            ~ A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert L. Stevenson. Still the only poetry I enjoy reading, and I own a vintage copy.

            ~ E-mails. Lots of e-mails about the upcoming school year.

            ~ Construction and artifact updates for the Museum of the Bible. I’m a little obsessed.

Things I’ve realized this week:

            ~ This is the first time in three years I between jobs. I’m praying God opens some doors to either tutor or be a writing coach. If not, I pray I have the opportunity to work my butt off cleaning dishes in the cafeteria, because I will do that if need be.

            ~ My birthday this month will be the first one since I was 12 that my family will be in one piece, and I won’t be home.

            ~ I’m good at doing big, hard things when I’m the one paving the way, but this time, I’m taking a step every other student takes. I want to go to college.  College is normal, and I’m not normal.

Things I’ve bought:

            ~ A new J. Crew dress from Goodwill.

            ~ Lots of textbooks.

            ~ This beautiful leather journal.


Things I’m looking forward to over the next two weeks:

            ~ Studying want I’m interested in studying, History.

            ~ Working on my second draft of my new WIP.

            ~ Exploring the life of being a freshman at Cedarville University.

I’d love to see your lists of today. Write your own and post the link in the comments. Ask your own questions or use mine, but lists are a great way to relax.

~ Alyson

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