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The Wonder of a Writer's Place-- Wednesday Guest Feature

For the next few Wednesdays, I'm going to be doing a guest writer feature called The Wonder of the Writer's Place. Each week, a teen writer will introduce you to their favorite writing place and why they find this place important to them. I hope you learn and find encouragement in what each one of these writers have to say. Today, I'd like to welcome Cait Potter to my blog.


Hi! I'm Cait Potter. I'm a writer and artist here to tell you about my writing space. 

Describe briefly your favorite place to write.

My favorite place to write would be anywhere I can focus, anywhere that I can feel at peace and inspired. In recent past, I’ve found the couch a good place and the library.  

Why do you find this place important to you?

A place that I can feel comfortable and inspired makes me want to write. I'm always changing the place because I get stagnant and bored and nothing ever gets done.  It's not necessarily the setting but the feeling the setting gives me.  I think it's important to find new environments to work in so that you can experiment and get excited but there is the nice feeling of returning to your normal place to write after a long day.  It's cozy. One of the best places I found was in front of a roaring fire up on a mountain in the clean, fresh air.  It was beautiful and it created such a great ambiance.  

How has you writing been impacted by this place?

In these places I can go from no words to over a thousand. It really helps my motivation. 

Three words only to describe the necessity for all writers to have a writing place.

Inspiration, Movement, Environment 

More about Cait.

            I've been doing my creative thing for most of my life in one way or another.  I'm an aspiring surrealist and incorporate that into my writing, not just my art. I feel like writing and art have helped me through some tough spots and I hope that I can make some change in the world with it.  Thanks!


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~ Alyson Schroll


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