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Adoption Day Has Come and Gone

    After 1,754 days, my family's adoption is final. On June 12th, 2015, my family became officially united under the ruling of a real judge, in a real court room, in front of a real audience.
    At this moment, I haven't reacted. I cannot deny the reality of what happened, but the massive joy in my heart struggles to emerge for fear of something going wrong again.  

     I'll be honest, I got used to getting excited over little things, popcorn, a day without a violent outburst, ice cream, a day without cursing. I had to get excited about little things because big things rarely happened. It's not that God couldn't do big things or that I didn't ask Him for them--in fact, for five years I begged God for big things.

     Adoption is a big deal.

     Maybe that's why it's hard to wrap my mind around what happened.
All us kids ready to go to court!
The new Schroll family with the judge.

With the grandparents.

Everyone who came to support us.

     We had to be at the courthouse by eight in the morning. Mom and I went shopping earlier that week for new clothes for the kids to wear. Kyle (11) wanted a bow tie. We found one with yellow, his favorite. Sawyer (6) looks good in blue, and I wanted Reagan (3) to wear suspenders. Anna (5) would wear a new dress gifted from a friend. These would be their first outfits as "Schrolls."

     We were first. My soon-to-be family stepped into the small courtroom with twenty-five friends, family, social workers, law guardians, and pastors. The judge smiled when she stepped into the room and saw the nearly packed room. Each child got their own ruling read aloud. Each child heard their names changed. Each child got to hit the gavel, making the adoption official. We were no longer family divided by the state system, we were one forever family.
     It was a miracle. Family, this family, together forever, was a miracle.
     That day was special and beautiful. I don't ever want to forget what God did on adoption day.  
     ~ Alyson


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