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I Promise, I Have the Best Reason for Taking a Blogging Break

I haven't blogged in a while.

Okay, I haven't blogged in a long, long time.

I am really sorry, but my life these past two weeks have been insane.

First, I spent last week in Florida! The school I take part time classes let me join their senior class for senior trip, and I had a lot of fun. I'm barely staying awake now, but it was a lot of fun.


Day 2! Not quite tired yet.

They barista didn't hear my friend's name correct. Turns out, it wasn't a bad thing.

They got my name right!

Also, my online college class finishes next week, so my work load is heavy.


And, I sprained my thumb falling down the stairs a week and a half ago. I know I'm clumsy, but this time it actually wasn't my fault. My youth group had an all-nighter, and the first game we played was capture the flag in the dark all over the church. As an opposing player tried to tag me, they sort of knocked me down a couple flights of stairs. The splint is off now, and I still got to do all the rides at the theme parks.


But, that also meant that I got to sign my first fiction contract with a splint. Oh, yeah. My flash fiction story is being published later this month. Check out the next issue of "Splickety Havoc" to read it.



  1. Hi Alyson!
    I'm new to your blog, and I just wanted to say hello! :) That's awesome about your flash fiction story, great job! Good luck with school, and I hope that your thumb feels better soon!

    1. Hi Bailey, so glad you enjoy my blog : )


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