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Stories in Classic Tales

     The Snow Queen is a wonderful work by Hans Christian Andersen, but the story means much more to me.
     When I was little I learned ballet. But the studio I went to did more than just a recital. They did a dance production every year. The one and only year I was at that studio, we danced The Snow Queen. I was a river fairy. I remember peeking under the blue curtain to see the audience and scratching at the itchy flowers on my costume.

I have the best Daddy in the world : ) Yes, I realize that I'm seventeen and still call my Dad, "Daddy."
I was a pretty excited River Fairy.
I distinctly remember this costume itching immensely!

     I was only six years old, and those memories still mean so much to me. Now, as I write I get to inject that love for dance and stories in my book.

     ~Alyson Schroll


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