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My New Skirt from Hannah Everly

     A couple years ago, I met Rachel Coker, her two sisters, and her mom at a homeschool conference. I was ecstatic to meet such a great author, not to mention the chance to have lunch.

     The funny thing is that Rachel's sister, Hannah, and I got to know each other really well. We were doing crazy things together from the start. At a used book sale, we ducked below everyone else and crawled underneath the tables to seek out treasures no one else saw.

     Hannah and I kept in touch, and I'm convinced we are actually twins separated at birth. It's crazy how such a small meeting turned into such a great relationship. God does pretty cool things like that.

     Anyway, Hannah is an amazing designer. She sells awesome vintage skirts at her shop here. Check out more pictures at her Facebook page here.

    I used my Christmas money to purchase this pink and white elephant print skirt. It's super cute, and it fits me great.



     Besides Hannah's fantastic sewing skills, her heart for Jesus shines through her life. I have the pleasure of seeing pictures of her giant smile after coming home from a mission's trip and thinking, "That's a girl who can't wait to see the awesome things God's going to do."

    ~ Alyson


  1. I love this Alyson! I was remembering that time we were at the book sale the other day! Ha ha! I'm so blessed to be your friend!

    1. Instant friends right there : ) You're an awesome friend to have!


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