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Stories are Treasures Buried Everywhere: Project

Just because my life restricts the precious time I get to spend in my own stories,
Just because the made up people and places in my head fight to be written,
Just because my mind is running so fast to write down much of anything,

I can still see and feel the stories around me.
The people, places, and things everywhere I go all contain a rich story that needs to be found.

The books on the library shelf have a story, even if I do not have time to read them.
The old gentleman at the coffee shop has a story, even if I don't have the guts to talk to him. 
Even the dead tree being cut down across the street has a story, even if I may never learn what it is.

From the beginning of time, God has written stories everywhere.

And still, He writes stories in every single person, never neglecting a chapter, conflict, or character no matter how little I actually know.

So until I get to write down my own, I will simply share what I see around me.

Images have this great way of triggering our memories.

I'll be taking pictures like this:

I'll share them with you, to share the stories that always exist but just not explored, dug up, written down.

Stories are treasures, buried everywhere.

Where do you see stories around you?

Funny story: I am not a selfie person so this picture took close to fifty times to get right. I'd take a picture, "Ugh, why is one eye open with one eye closed." I'd take another, "Okay, that's a little better." I'd take another, "What! The floor? I never pointed the camera at the ground!" 


  1. Its so true there are stories everywhere. You look beautiful by the way, love the picture.

    1. Aw thanks, Skye. I love looking for stories : )


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