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Moments and Memories, a poem by Maddie Schroll (age 10)

Thinking of memories like they were yesterday.
When talking to family, you don't have to think of what to say.
Looking at old photos, thinking of what has past,
The camping trip that rained all week--that was a last.
The terrible thing about moments is that all moments conclude.
But, even though it ended, we're in a good happy mood. 
     by Maddie Schroll, age 10


I'm only a slightly excited and proud when the news of a new poem hits the family room and I'm not the author. Maddie has always had an incredible imagination, however always trapped in her own fantasy world. Poetry was so structured that I never imaged that the a rhythm and rhyme from her would feel so natural. God's going to use her words one day, and I'll have a giant smile on my face the moment he does. 
     ~ Alyson Schroll


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