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I Brought My Keys With No Intention of Using Them

I go to work twice every day. At seven forty-five in the morning to drop my three year old brother, J, off for school and at three thirty for me to work.

To be efficient in the morning--because with three different school drop offs, who can afford to not be efficient--my mom takes J to his class, and I take his stuff to his cubby in the hall.

Today was normal expect the clean pair of underwear I had to carry to add to his nonexistent extra supply. Also, his lunch was in a clear ziploc bag because we ran out of brown paper bags, and his backpack was already in his cubby because it had been forgotten the previous day. Yes, such anomalies were still normal.

But this morning,  I grabbed my keys.

I never grab my magnetic classroom key as there is no use for it. I only had to go to his cubby which was just standing in the hallway. The reason I felt the need to pick up keys is a mystery.  All I know is that they accompanied me and the underwear down the hall.

Nearing his cubby, I noticed the newest teacher shuffled down the hall with her arms full of bags and supplies, headed to her two year old classroom.

"Could you grab the door, please. I forgot my keys."

"Yes, I can." I swiped my key--forgetting the pair of underwear still in my hands. "The funny thing is that I don't ever bring my keys, but today I did."

She smiled. "I'm glad you did." 

I won't claim to have foreseen this incident. All I did was feel a need to grab my keys.

God works in bigger ways that we don't often acknowledge.  Many times, when my relationship with God is strong and growing,  I will get an unexplainable feeling to do something. When I consider and follow this feeling, I often see God do some pretty awesome things. For example, I hope to start a small group with two freshman girls in my church. One night, I just felt the need to do it, and so I talked to God about. Certain that this was something he wanted me to try, I took steps to get it started. 

Do you ever see God working in cool, small ways? 


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