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15 Things To Make Writing Easier

All writers find different things that help them gather the words to write. Here are 15 things that help me find inspiration or clear my mind. 

1.     Earl Grey tea when I need to relax

2.     Coffee with cream when I need caffeine

3.     M&Ms, aka brain food

4.     Water

5.     A stroll through the Barnes and Noble fiction shelves

6.     The atmosphere of a cafĂ©

7.     The presence of sticky notes (various colors are a must)

8.     A binder

9.     Beautiful pens

10."What if?" questions

11.Brainstorming with friends

12.Inspiration pictures on Pinterest

13.Chocolate ice cream

14.A nap

15.Conversations with God because ultimately all my stories are from of him.


  1. Haha these r all great! And I think I need to go remodel my writing desk so that it's got a bowl of m&ms and sticky notes. Lol!


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