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Learn, Try, Do

                Tomorrow is another day in my life, but it happens to mark the beginning of a calendar year. I have never been good at keeping resolutions that start and stop at the new-year. I think that is mostly because there are not a whole lot of other things that use the calendar as a year. A school year is from September to May. (at least for me) My birthday is at the end of the summer so technically my year starts then. Sports are by season. And many other things have their own timeline. I have made goals for myself. Mostly reading, writing, and school goals, but I did very well with them. But, to be honest January 1rst is not a good starting point for me.  There are things that I hope to learn, try, or do within the next year and those are the things I will focus on. 
                Things I have learned, tried, or done in year 2012:

>        Finished writing my novella
>        Sent out query letters for my novella
>        Got rejected for my novella ( These were all separate goals in my mind)
>        Learned how to deal with a new foster brother, an eight year old.
>        Learned how to cook : )
>        Learned that I was really good at making cupcakes
>        Write an article
>        Tried writing something new
>        Learned some more things in photography.
>        Apply for a job
>        Applied for a second job : )
>        Wrote first draft of my novel.
>        More, but I can’t think of specific ones.

Things I want to learn, try, or do in 2013:

>        Be a referee for little kid’s indoor soccer
>        Complete my novel
>        Get job at a camp
>        Attend a writers conference
>        Start work on third novel.
>        Send out more queries for my novella

There are many more things I will do in the coming year. Sometimes God teaches us something, opens a door, or has us be a part of something that we are not expecting. That is why I am planning on certain things, but I know that God’s plans trump mine and they are always better.


  1. You have great goals. God is dong great things in your life.


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