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"Aly, what's heaven?"

“Aly. What’s heaven?”
This was the question my almost four year old foster brother asked me as I put him to bed tonight. This is a little boy’s heart that is constantly confused by the system. People have been in and out of his life, and he can’t figure out who his mom is. He has had anger problems sense he came to our house two years ago. While he has gotten better he still has issues. He needs a heart change.
When he asked me what heaven was, I didn’t hesitate to tell him what it was like. I told him about how it was God’s home. I told him that angels lived there. From here, I linked it back to Christmas and how the angles worshiped Jesus was born. I pulled out the pictures he got from Sunday school and showed him the magnitude of angles.  When he couldn’t count them, he thought that was pretty cool.  I told him how there was no crying, booboos, bee stings, mosquito bites, or anything bad in heaven. We also talked about how we both do things wrong. I asked him if Jesus did anything wrong. He said, “No.” Then I told him that God didn’t like it that we couldn’t go to heaven because we are bad. So, he sent Jesus to take the ‘time out’ for us. I told him that I told Jesus that I was sorry for the bad things that I did, and I am going to heaven.  He smiled and said, “I like that.”
If anything, I got him thinking tonight. We sang songs over and over, and thanked God for making Heaven perfect and sending Jesus so we could have the opportunity to go there too. This is one of the first times that he has started the conversation and kept it going by asking questions.
I am so proud of my little guy, and I cannot wait to see how God works in his heart.


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