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100 for 100 Recap

On September 10th, I started the Go Teen Writers 100 for 100 challenge. I am proud to say that on Wednesday I completed the challenge with a total of 16,886 words. This challenge pushed me to the point where I am nearly finished my first draft of my work in progress.
                This challenge was great for me because I got continual words on the page that I would not have done if not for the motivation that this challenge gave me. With a busy school schedule I would always worry that I would not be making time to write. The challenge took away some of the anxiousness because I knew that I was going to get words on the page. While the chunks weren’t huge, I was getting words on the page and that is what mattered.
                I want to thank Stephanie Morrill for putting this all together. Over 200 people started the challenge and less than half successfully completed the challenge. That is a lot of words to tally. She does so much for us on Go Teen Writers.
                I am looking forward to the next 100 for 100 in February, and I anticipate what I will continue to learn on GTW.


  1. I am very proud of you for completing your goal.

  2. Congratulations! I wish I had stuck to the 100-for-100 as well as you...could've gotten a ton more done. :p

    1. It diffidently pushed me to my max : ) Good thing there is another one in February.


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