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Book Review: The New Recruit

I know, I know, I am late. I was supposed to do this review last Saturday, but I got this book Friday afternoon and life has been busy. Here is my review:

First off, I want to say that I loved this book. The fast paced, complex but coherent plot kept me turning the pages.
Jill Williamson’s characters are what stood out to me.  They all had their flaws and they were all learning, all very believable. Most of the book took place in a foreign country and it was such a perfect balance of personalities and culture. The foreign language that was used did not hinder the reading at all. It felt natural, which I can imagine is hard to do.
 Spencer, the main character, was a likable character that also grew as the book went on. I felt myself learning as he learned, and wanting to find out things that he wanted to find out. His background and past played very well into how her dealt with his unwilling recruitment into the League.
Some of the characters came off preachy, but that was an area that they had to learn in. Again, they had their flaws, but that was the character and they learned.
This book was an easy read. The maps and pictures made it easier to understand the spy world. I would recommend this book to teens and up.
As it is the first in a series, I am captivated and want to continue reading.


  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing the book, Alyson!


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