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Switching Gears

For the past couple months I have been without school, which, for the most part, has been a great thing. I truly enjoy the break. But I get to the point where I need something for my brain to do. 

The past couple months have been anything but boring. It got to the point where I asked my mom, “How did we ever last with the school schedule.” She didn’t have a good answer. 

This school year, Bud and I are taking some classes at a private school in addition to our homeschool, little sis is being homeschooled, big sis is at college, Zebra is going to public school, Turtle is going to preschool, and Monkey and Tiger are just playing. Talk about a heavy schedule. 

I look forward to learning, but having school brings on the need to prioritize. God is my ultimate priority whether I’m in school or not. Family is my next priority. School is next. Then, comes my writing. Now, you might be looking at this and see that “Friends” is not on this list. I find that they kind of just fit in with these things already. I go to Church and Youth Group; my friends are there. I go to a school; my friends are there. I am not the hang out- party person, but I am not a live inside a turtle shell person either. 

During the summer it’s easier to find time to write. During the school it will be harder. I am blessed with parents that are helping me get my book published. My mom and I have already discussed how we will prioritize writing without neglecting something more important. I will set aside one night a week where she will take me to the book store where I will be able to write. The other nights I will spend with family and school. Knowing that I will have the chance to write, will, in a way, relax me and let me focus on school. 

How do you balance your schedule with the upcoming school year? 


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